WordPress theme customization sets you apart

When you’re looking to set yourself apart from the competition, a key way to do it is through creating a website which is easy to manage, targets the right audience, addresses their pains, and offers an acceptable solution to those pains.

Ideas to Work From

The first step to finding creating a quality website is figuring out how to identify an audience and attract them to your site. This is done through varying methods depending on that demographic, from things such as social media to targeting your site to specific search terms(a process called ‘search engine optimization’.

This can be a very difficult area, as it can seem extremely subjective. Often, seeing examples can really point you in the right direction. A source for inspiration can be ThemeForest themes, which showcase some wonderful ideas for putting together a layout and design.

Colors are also a great starting point when sitting down to decide how the website itself should look. A quick internet search will show you that colors suggest to our minds different things, and harnessing that power can keep prospective customers on your website longer and raise your chance of converting them into paying customers.

Theme Idea

Once you’ve decided on color and basic design, it’s time to come-up with an overall theme. Again, the ThemeForest site we linked above is a wonderful place to get ideas from. Keep in mind, if you like an idea but there are areas you’d like improved, that is extremely easy to do when you’re working with the right set of people.

Areas to keep-in-mind while looking for ideas is the responsiveness, and that the theme has a strong call to action. If the theme you’re looking for seems to be pointing you to take action, such as buying a product or signing-up for their service, that’s a theme that will attract attention and, better yet, help you get conversions.


All the ideas in the world don’t hold water if you aren’t sure how you can implement them. WordPress theme customization on a basic level is fairly straight forward, even as simple as selecting a few colors and publishing.

But knowing how to make it appear exactly as you want (and as it was show on the demo site when you was browsing themes) can be difficult. It’s an area we’ve made ourselves experts in through years of experience. To find out how you can put our experience in theme customization to work for your WordPress site, book a free consultation and talk to the developer about your project.