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Get a professional WordPress developers to take care of your website. For a low monthly fee we will keep your website up to date and backed up daily, protect it from hackers. Plus, packages include an unlimited support for small tasks and minor changes.View Plansor keep reading to learn how we can help you to with your WordPress issues

Need help with WordPress website?

As a professional WordPress developer who has being providing WordPress support for over 5 years, I know that a lot of things at some point will go wrong with your website. To name just a few: WordPress gets hacked, website pages become very slow and you frustrate your potential customers. Once in a while your WordPress completely breaks after update. Plus you struggle to add a new content, make it look well formatted, or just can not figure out how to change your phone number in the header.

Who is going to handle all that? You don’t have time and knowledge to do it yourself. Developer who done that site for you may be log gone or not available on a short notice (to tell you the truth – it’s a big pain and frustration for WordPress developers to drop everything they do at the moment and jump on a small task to do those “quick fixes” which are often needs to be done right away). Plus, like with the broken car – you never know what it will cost to fix something and price tag may become a big hit for your cash flow.

By the way – do you have a fresh backup of your website? Do you really think your web hosting provider will take care of that for you? Well, in my experience, they usually don’t and clients end up paying web developers to recover websites and keep it running.

So, we want to offer you a piece of mind and help your business to stay online, look professional and don’t loose Google’s ranking because of a malware uploaded by hackers. We offer an unlimited support for a fixed monthly fee, which will include everything you need to protect your investment in website and keep sales coming.

WordPress Care Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from and do you serve my country?
We are from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Most of our customers are from Canada and USA, but we also work with customers from around the world.
Can you fix any WordPress issues?
Yes, as long as it falls into “small” task category which is limited to 30 minutes of developer’s time.
Who decides if task is small?
Use common sense – if task feels like something big, it probably is. Final decision is made by our management when task is received.
I have more than one website, can I subscribe?
Our plan is designed for single website (determined by website URL). If you have more than one, you have to setup a separate plans for each.
What if I already have hosting?
There is a reason why we included hosting in our packages – we picked up the best hosting available on the market. Working with the same hosting provider simplifies our processes and eliminates a lot of issues with website performance, access and reliability.
Is there a free trial available?
We offer 30 days satisfaction guarantee on all subscriptions – full refund if you are not 100% happy with service within first 30 days.
Do I have to signup to monthly plan?
Yes, that’s how we can guarantee that all updates are done in time, your website is backed up and secure.
Is there any long term commitment required with subscriptions?
No. All subscriptions are month to month and can be cancelled any time.
Can you build me a new website?
Please check WordPress in a day service, this may be a good fit for you.

Got questions?

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Andrei Filonov
Founder, Programmer & WordPress developer
I am experienced WordPress programmer, started my web development career back in year 1998 and have built hundreds of websites and ready to share my expertise to make your WordPress website run fast and stay secure.

Send your questions to – I am happy to share my knowledge and experience and help your to grow your business.