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You may have heard that Google penalizes websites for duplicate content. What does that mean? It’s simple: if your text shows up on more than one website, Google flags that as a duplicate and won’t give your content much attention. … Continued

Setup WordPress Version 4.2 on Your Website Now

The newest version of WordPress – 4.2 – released April 23, bringing exciting, improved communications to your WordPress website setup. The first major update this year, it fixes many issues and adds some great new features that you can use … Continued

The Essentials of Launching a Business Website

A business website is your portal to the online world. Without one, the millions of people who go online to look for the products or services that you provide would pass you by. You could set up pages on various … Continued

WordPress Website Setup: A Four Step Guide

WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world today. It’s free and has a gigantic community of talented programmers dedicated to its improvement. This community also has people who specialize in theme development and plugin creation. Thanks to … Continued

Theme Based WordPress Websites vs Custom Designed

When moving your business online, there comes a time when you must decide whether you want a theme based WordPress website or one that’s custom designed. While there are certainly benefits to both, it comes down to what your business … Continued