5 Reasons A Template Based WordPress Website Is Perfect for Small Business

You are probably familiar with WordPress as a blogging platform, but it has evolved into far more than that. WordPress has become a complete content management system that makes web design easier to manage and organize. It also offers the capability to better optimize your web content to improve search results. Let’s review 5 reasons a template based WordPress website is better for your business.

1. The WordPress platform and templates are easy to install and use

Your web hosting provider probably offers a simple, one-click installation of WordPress. There is no need to worry about downloading complex installation files or using a FTP program to upload files to your website. There are many free and Premium templates from which to choose. These Premium templates have already been coded by professional web designers. They are very clean and easy to customize and edit. Each template contains a single file of code that controls the layout of any particular section or page of choice.

WordPress is much easier to use than other content management systems. There’s no requirement for programming or web design knowledge. By simply logging in to your “Dashboard”, you can add, edit, or remove anything with just a few clicks.

2. Using templates brings consistency to small business web design

One of the key factors in effective web design is bringing consistency to your web pages. A consistent design looks more professional and it makes your website more user-friendly. With the many template designs offered by WordPress and the available plug-ins, you can rest assured that all of your web content displays in a uniform consistent manner. You can also start with a blank page and create your own layout that will ensure consistency in every page or post you add later.

3. A template based website makes social networking easier

With a customized WordPress template, you can easily integrate posts and pages with social media like Google+, Facebook, or LinkedIn, without having to go to each network and post your content. By installing one of the many WordPress social plug-ins, you can also easily add social text or buttons that allows your visitors to share your content on their social networks.

4. The WordPress platform can make your website more SEO friendly

Once setup, WordPress allows you to customize every page or post to make search engine indexing faster. By installing an SEO plug-in, you can properly optimize URLs, titles, keywords and meta descriptions for your content. This will give you the greatest probability of getting your website or blog ranked higher in search results.

5. Designing with WordPress templates makes web design more economical

There will be no need to send basic changes to a designer or programmer just to add a new page to your website. You can make the edits or add content whenever you want. You can also post articles or make changes to your site from where ever you are, as long as there is an Internet connection. There is no worry about special software or firewalls.

Often the changes you make to your website are time sensitive. You just don’t have the time to wait for someone else to make them. WordPress not only allows you to manage your own content, it will save on design costs and deliver the most timely and current information to your audience.

At Faster WordPress, our goal is to help you make your website or blog more successful. Designing a template based website allows you to do a lot of the work, while we take care of the technical side of things. Contact us today to see how we can help you design a website that is popular with your audience and search engines.