Create a Professional Website for Your Business with WordPress

Creating a WordPress website for your business is a great tool when it comes to getting information about your services, and products out to prospective customers and clients. However, before you begin to design your site, or hire a skillfully trained professional to do it for you, there are some things that you should take into consideration. These items are crucial to bringing the right type of traffic to your site.

Website Visitors

Who are your targeting audience? Depending upon the age group, you definitely want to make the site appealing to the visitors. Your site needs to attract, capture and motivate your audience to want your services, or products. Once a person hits your page, within the first 2 minutes they will make up their mind whether to stay on the site, or move on to the next one.

Information to Include on Site

Avoid boring information that your visitors will not find interesting such as; a long history of your business, and information about employees.  No one really cares about this information, unless they are seeking medical treatment. A business website should be far from personal, and more on a professional level. Avoid long descriptions of products on your site, and wording. However, be sure to list your business mission, refund, and return policies. If you are not familiar with how the copywriting process works for a website, seek professional writers who do it every day for a living.

Features to Exclude from Your Site

Consider leaving features from your business site that might make opening the pages difficult. Some of these features include; music, videos and sometimes autoplay. However, this can depend upon the visitors operating system. Most people who cannot open up a page in a few seconds move on to the next site. It is important to avoid this at all cost. However, if it is necessary to include these features on your site be sure to work with a professional to make sure they are operating correctly.

Search Box/Listing of Products

If you plan to sell products from your site, be sure to include a search box, or drop down menu for visitors to locate products. Most customers want to be able to locate items quickly. Customers want less complication as possible when utilizing the website. It is easy to lose business because lack of user-friendly navigation.

Website Security/SSL Certification

Securing your website is highly important when selling products from your webstore. Customers want to know that their information will be kept confidential. SSL certification provides security for people entering personal information such as; credit card information, social security numbers, and their addresses. It is important to take the necessary steps to give customers the security needed. There are many options that can be utilized when looking to secure your webstore.

Selecting a WordPress Theme for Your Site

It is crucial to stick with one identity when creating a business website. If you are branding your business, this is the only identity your site should take. Visitors travel to sites looking for specific services, or products. You do not want them to become confused with a design that has nothing to do with your business, too many colors, or information not pertaining to your business.

Hire a Professional WordPress Support

There are professional freelancers who will design a professional business site for you. Many of these individuals have worked with WordPress for many years, and know what it takes to make your business website drive in visitors, and keep them coming back for more. To find out more about hiring professional for a WordPress theme customization service for your business website contact us.